Day 234

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Women can be mean.

Blow up the public showers and suddenly everybody is against me.

Why did I not cancel the self-destruct?


Peter, in his chimpanzee wisdom, changed his password. I don’t know why he did it. Maybe he thought anti-oppenheimer1945 was too easy for an alien species, who don’t know English, or computers, to hack.

Not all is lost. I managed to save the computer and we managed to get all the drugs and equipment out of the lab. The lab is gone by the way, as is the main generator, and the uplink.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Peter, if you are reading this I will kill you. I will raise from the grave and haunt you.

Ksenia got a few things. Mainly the bathroom supplies. Soft clean towels are like gold to these people. She also saved a lot of cleaning supplies not knowing what half of them did. Great, at least I will have pretty hair while I die of exposure

Good or bad the new chief got in and hauled out a few boxes that I had yet to put through the recyclor. Medical waste, food packages. Things that I was preparing to blow up along with the base. I can’t prove it but I think he took a box.

I saved the data and the locals didn’t get much, just whatever was in the lab that didn’t dissolve.

I am not the only one who doesn’t have a home. It turned out Ksenia and Neeti are considered damaged goods. The new chief doesn’t want an old wife and nobody else needs a mouth to feed.

So far both women have been staying in one of the houses that belong to the dead, but Ronaldo wants to put a stop to that.

Neeti is also in that category. In her twenties she is seen as a widow, but because she has been abused, her attitude is too feminist, and she has no children, she is classed as a barren spinster.

I don’t know what the deal with Ksenia and these people is. They don’t like her and even Neeti suspicious of her. This is a small town and the last chief passed Ksenia around like a cold. I think that if Beenie had died Ksenia would have killed herself.

With a kid to take care of, and without a job, and nobody to support them; both women have a wonderful future in prostitution. What a lovely community.

I owe both satyrs my hide so I don’t know much what I can do for them.

I have three choices.

  1. Take what I can and try to drive to the nearest Company agent who has a phone.

  2. Take a new residence in the village or living in the car till my time is up.

  3. I shoot myself.

The car is fast and built for off-road conditions. It has been modified for snow and ice, but in this weather a thousand things can go wrong. That means the first option is out.

I could send out a distress call but then the Company would not be happy with me destroying a good lab for no reason. This was shit duty, but there were worse places and punishments.

Trust me, cleaning up a cholera outbreak in the middle of winter is mild compared to being a test subject.

The only way that I can recoup my losses is to give the Company some worthwhile data.

Lignos are still an reactively unknown species. Diseases, culture; if I discovered that they shit petrol I was set. So it looks as if I am staying here.

The problems pile up. I tried to buy a property in the village. There are plenty of empty houses here but Ronaldo was to scared that will blow something else up. I asked him what if somebody got sick?

He quoted it differently but it came down to “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

I brought up the missing box and he got real angry. Good, screw you, Ba-Lamb. Go eat a tin can.

I attempt to procure the farm where I shot the arse farmer. Apparently the farmer’s other wife had already remarried and she and her new husband were living out there. For being brutalised the bitch moved fast.

Ronaldo had been herding me. I understand that now.

My predecessor, the previous healer lived out in the forest in an old shack. Ronaldo wanted me out of his village and far away from his new wives. He still saw me as a threat but couldn’t afford another outbreak.

I do some good while I am here. I get Laurel a job as the village blacksmith and put Neeti, Ksenia, and her daughter in the smith’s house. These women vouched for me and I owed them big.

The chief shows me the old healer’s house and suddenly that third option looked very friendly.

It is amazing the healer got to the village in the first place. If I didn’t have the satyrs’ help I am pretty sure that I would still be wondering those woods.

The place is as disappointing as I first thought it would be. I won’t bother to list all the problems.

Having been a student and working through uni, I had to live in some pretty God awful places. I now pray for those days.

There is no way we can get the car here. There isn’t even a goat trail. (No pun intended.)

My first action is putting in one of the survey beacons at the healer’s hut so the Company knows where I am and I can find my way back here.

I asked both Neeti and Ksenia if I can start clearing trees down and rebuilding the place. Both of them insist on this for security reasons.

Trees were fine and all, but there were things in this forest. Things with a lot of teeth.

I am going to get Hardy out there with some power tools.