Day 238

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I can’t believe it. I blame it on the cold and my dazzling looks.

Me and Neeti did it. Yes. I still don’t believe it.

Last night we stopped in the middle of nowhere because it was getting dark and it was snowing, which is always a bad combination.

It was a bit cramped, but we were warm. And before I knew it we were doing the mean gymnastics.

I don’t know what to call this. I mean it has been a while since I had sex. I don’t know.

Are we together? Was it a spur of the moment? Was it to say thank you for killing my husband?

I never was into furry. Yes, I did wank off to Squirl Girl that one time, but this is way, way beyond that.

She is treating it as if it were nothing. Maybe I should do the same.

For the most part we stayed away from some of the smaller villages. They wouldn’t have anything anyway, and all it would do is draw some unwanted attention to the car.