Day 239

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Somehow we made it to the city. That’s if you could call it a fort with about thirty houses a city. We could have been here earlier but I did not trust the roads nor that trailer.

Neeti is amazed that we got here so quickly.

I did the math.

45 kilometres an hour for 10 hours a day equals 450 kilometres.

Of course we didn’t do a constant 45 on that piece of shit road, that would have been stupid.

We come to a new problem. Well three problems. Me, the car, and Laurel.

This is a satyr place and I didn’t exactly get much of a warm reception with the people I ended up saving.

We could have tried anything. Costumes, renting a couple of horses and pulling the trailer inside the fort, but I was not about ready to give up the car.

Instead, I and Neeti drove close to the gate. Then an arrow bounced off my hood.

There was no action scenes, no hold up like in some western, no grand battle. They shot my car and Neeti got out.

I had Laurel walk up there with her. Unless they shot him in the eye those pissy arrows were not going to do much against the droid’s hardened polymer chassis.

Neeti and the droid came back with one of the guards.

He tapped at my door with his spear and I hopped out. The guard was confused at what he saw inside my vehicle and he went to get his boos.

We waited until the guard’s boos came around around and then he got his boss.

The boss’ boss turned out to be the patriarch of the city. He is sort of like a king but doesn’t wear a crown, though I suspect he has one. He has that head up his ass narcissist feel about him.

His name was Lord something. I wasn’t stupid enough to have him spell it out for me.

For the sake of the journal, let’s call him Lord Snob.

Lord Snob was not happy with us. His attitude probably had something to do with him being forced out of his home in the cold to deal with a couple of weirdos.

He was an older Ligno, with a bald head but an excessive amount of body hair. Enough that he did not need to wear clothes. Seriously, why don’t these guys wear pants? I wish I could tear out my eyes.

I will make this sort.

Neeti told Lord Snob where we came from. I told him I worked for a research Company that got a tip on a new satyr disease, which turned out to be just a case of cholera.

At hearing the dreaded word the satyr made a bizarre hand gesture which I assumed was to ward off evil.

I was unsure if I should, but I gave Lord Snob a letter I received from Ronaldo. The satyr took it, shook his head as he read it and looked at the spoils in my cart.

He asked me what god do I follow, I told him that I am an atheist. This caused everybody including Neeti to look at me strangely. Then they looked up at the sky while cautiously stepping away from me.

I should note this. Humans are looked down on in almost every non-human society in this world, and from what I have heard I don’t blame anyone hating us. Or them to be precise.

Think of the orcs out of Lord of the Rings. From what I can tell, humans are a lot like that only we are not they well organised or clean. Humans are the hated element.

Humans are considered to be a corrupting, xenophobic force; driven to destroy everything that isn’t them. So basically they are the same as the humans of my world.

Again I feel like I am back in high school. Only less humiliation and a lot more pointy things.

But while I am hated by these people, Hardy terrifies them.

They think he is some animated doll that I use as a servant instead of a highly expensive piece of office equipment.

Now, I am sitting in the car with Hardy, while Neeti is speaking to one of the traders here.