Day 242

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I pushed my luck and drove through a blizzard. If we stopped we would have to dig our way out and that could take hours.

To distract me further Neeti gave me a hand-job and made me promise not to throw her away. I wasn’t going to anyway. She is scared and sees me as an opportunity and as a protector.

Me a protector?

I know she and Ksenia are using me to survive. I don’t blame them. They don’t find me attractive or masculine. They see me as a meal ticket and a chance at a tolerable life.

We have a couple of close calls, but we made it. I will have to see Laurel about making some tools for the car. If the thing broke down on the way here it would have been deadly.

The Lignos were in their houses. Me and Hardy put the trailer near the blacksmith and started hauling out the metal. It would really suck if I got a cold.

There wasn’t much else to the day. Ksenia and Beenie were sleeping at the blacksmiths right were I left them.

I had thought myself as a player. Or should I say that I had dreams of being a player.

Family. I would be lying if the idea had not crossed my mind. Jason Gulway, my girlfriend a creature from another world that looks like she should be appearing in an episode of Hercules.

I gave Beenie a doll I bought. She was happy and hugged me.

I didn’t have time to talk to Ksenia because Ronaldo was in the room. I swear it was as if he came out of nowhere, ninja style. Ksenia was nervous around him, so I decided to make this quick.

I gave him the money and supplies from the sale. I kept the change which was mostly copper with a bit of silver in it. Tok I think they call it.

I think it is like a few hundred credits. I am not going to be having any champagne baths and wiping my arse with silk here, but it is a lot to these people have nothing.

I told Ronaldo that I wanted Neeti and Ksenia to have a good home. He told me some shit about traditions and customs.

The chief already had plans on hiring a blacksmith, but he was real reluctant about bring in some new villages. These people know shit all about community and running a village. They want to die and stagnate.

Long story short, he wants to boot Ksenia and Beenie out of the village.

Being used to hospital politics and corporate shenanigans I knew what he was doing. Ronaldo was herding me. He was creating a situation where I would be emotionally guilted into taking the mother and daughter.

It worked.

I told the arsehat that Neeti and Ksenia can come live with me, and when I leave both of them will have joint custody of the clinic. I also told him that Beenie will train to be a healer.

The forest was out of his territory. He might have some power over the farms, but he has no say over what I do.

I did not miss the look he gave Ksenia and Beenie. Something was there. I just don’t know what. If I was more social or if my study was behaviour science, I might have figured it out.

The deal was made and when Ronaldo left Kenia hugged me. She even gave me a kiss.

I’m in the blacksmith’s house now. Hardy is working the forge. It’s too cold and wet to go outside.

Neeti says she has talked to Kensia about something they want to give me tonight.