Day 244

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I took out a line out of Dale’s play book and didn’t have sex last night with either satyr. Instead I asked both women some personal question and held them. I then made them breakfast in bed.

Yes it is gay and I stink of wet wool.

Laurel informed me that the bath was done.

The recyclor (Yes, that’s how you spell it.) was a huge help. I just shoved in some leaves and dirt and got clay and some plastic. It sucks up a lot of power but the materials I need here are scarce.

I left Beenie in charge of the recyclor. It’s a simple job. You dump stuff in and blocks of stuff come out. I also put her in charge of boiling snow and putting it into the water purifier. The child is adorable.

The bath is more of a room with a large wooden pool in it. The heating system was a bitch of a thing, but that was the reason I bought so much copper.

I put two rods inside a cage to protect somebody from accidentally touching it, attach the device to a wood heater, do a bit of fiddling around, and abracadabra, I have a medieval bath.

It’s not perfect and it needs a constant fuel source but it worked.

We fill the bath with melted snow and then heat it up overnight. One word. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I had the girls join me and bought out the liquid soap

It was another one of my little fantasies that will keep a smile on my face until I die. It was just too bad the female Lignos didn’t shave their bodies during the winter and Beenie was swimming around, or I might have been happier.

I noticed that satyr wool kind of itches so I read up on some stuff and made some different shampoos.

My test subjects naked and my hands all lathered up, I was ready I do some experimentation. You know, for science.

I gave each satyr a different treatment. I can tell you it takes a lot of shampoo to do that much wool, but I wasn’t going anywhere.

Neeti and Beenie had similar reactions. They felt like plush toys and I just had to hug Beenie for being so soft and cute. She would make an excellent pillow. I can see her having her own anime.

Ksenia turned out kind of weird. For one thing it made her look pale blue. I don’t understand it. There was no dye in the shampoo.

I can tell you, she was pissed.

Beenie and Neeti couldn’t stop laughing, and after some debate, Ksenia was sheered.

In the summer, the Lignos do sheer their bodies. It is something like an event. They then turn their wool into clothes for winter or sell it at market.

Without her wool Ksenia looked pretty good. Not supermodel perfect but I would definitely buy her a drink. That’s if I ever went to a pub and got the nerve to buy a girl a drink. Ksenia’s pointy features and horns, as well as her large eyes give her character. She isn’t ugly but it is clear she isn’t human either.

At seeing the truly naked creature in front of me I stupidly said the first thing on my mind. “You look… nice.”

Terrible. Terrible.

In one of the boxes I found some of the team’s clothes that had been meant for the recyclor. It was another thing on my to-do-list that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Yes, I know protocol. But she was cold and as much as I love to see some tities I had to give her something to wear. I didn’t have to, but I felt obligated to as I sort of turned her into a…

Well, as you can tell from this journal I am not real big on metaphors. If I was I would writing a novel and not giving two goat girls oil massages.

I ended up giving Ksenia, Dale’s white business shirt, some of Hick’s underwear. (Don’t ask.) We had to modify some of Pete’s nasty tracksuit pants, and I gave her one of my spare lab coats.

Later she would turn that all blue wool into a sweater and wear it underneath the lab coat.

She looked pretty mix-matched and she wasn’t about to strut down any catwalks, but Ksenia said she had forgiven me. Once I got Laurel to make her some jewellery. And gave her some money.