Day 248

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Transforming bauxite into aluminium is a long and expensive process, which is why recycling can be a cheaper solution. In my case, the recyclor.

The recyclor breaks matter down into its base components, distilling precious metals from damaged equipment, and transforming expensive petroleum based products into a hunk of useless carbon.

Of course, no one in their right mind would see the value of swapping thousands of credits worth of plastic into a mound of dirt.

So after years of programming and billions of credits from investors, some kid out of his mum’s basement managed to just build a patch that allowed a store bought recyclor worth four hundred credits, to spew a constant stream of unleaded petrol.

I should point out that this impressive breakthrough caused the Stink Buyout, which was a key component in the Conglomerate Wars.

But enough of about history.

I shovelled the specified amount of 400 grams of bauxite into the recyclor. What I got in return was a 100 grams of aluminium.

I should point out that I am not using an industrial recyclor designed to suck in metric tons of carbon-dioxide, or an eco-brand used to transform landfills into big empty holes that smell funny.

I have a PT model. Which has a maximum capacity of 500 grams.

This is why I left Beenie in charge of feeding this damn thing. It is a tedious and ever hungry monster that takes hours to finish one load.

The shiny metal cube that I am now holding is enough to make. Mmm. Say, a few dozen coke cans. Its not really much, but I have to give myself a gold star getting this far.

It would have been more satisfying as processing the aluminium using acids, but as I am not in the mood to go Macgyver, and don’t know about alloys; I feel I have accomplished something.


Something I said yesterday to the prick who punched me got through to the savages. In the morning, the Ligno females embarked through the woods with their children and arrived at the clinic. This would not have surprised me but the women had also brought their men along.

The males give me stony glares. I swear I can almost feel their thoughts. The bastards are all for fucking each other’s wives and daughters, but I can’t so much as speak them or I will get torn apart.

While the new chief’s back was turned Bambi sneaked away and managed to find herself in my office. She companied about a general pain in her chest and abruptly disrobed in front of me.

Before you ask me if I hit that, dear reader, I will say this now. No. No. No. Bambi is young. Like really young. It just made me feel very, very awkward. Hell, I’m flattered. A fifteen year old me would have gone down on her, but I right then, I felt like a creep.

In other less socially awkward and illegal news. For security reasons, I hid the recyclor.

It is Company policy to not contaminate this planet’s inhabitants with advanced technology or knowledge. Not only will these arseholes shoot themselves in the foot, but it could quite possibly lead to our own destruction.

No, it is not stupid.

Trust me, I have seen these people. They will blow us and themselves up if given an inch. I have watched enough science fiction shows to know that people who underestimate the local natives, get killed and eaten.

The Lignos think what I do is magic and I am not about to argue.

Do you remember in Ghostbusters, when Gozer asks if the Ghostbusters are gods? When somebody asks you if you are a god. You say “Yes”.


I now have 500 grams of aluminium.

I had pulled Neti and Ksenia aside and asked them what they knew about metal and prices. I don’t have to tell you, but aluminium was extremely rare back in the old days. I mean emperors couldn’t afford it.

It was the case of a common element but zero chance of production.

Both Ksenia and Neeti examine the metal and both of the bitches go nuts. They thought it was silver and I don’t blame them. Steel is non-existent here, they don’t have the technology to make it. So as I expected aluminium is totally new here.

Not wanting to introduce too much of the metal to the Lignos, I decided to use up the bauxite. I think, but I am not positive that we have enough for a drain.

I think I should now concentrate on glasswork and get some of these greenhouses up and running.

Also, to my surprise, Beenie can read better than her mother.