Day 249

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As expected, it had taken some persuasion to get Ksenia to accept learning to read.

You see, all her life Ksenia had been treated as an object. Little more than a toy that occasionally did house work. You could probably guess how crappy her life was when I mentioned earlier that she was traded to her own stepsons just so her hubby could screw children in peace.

Now that shit is fucked up.

She has slept with nearly every male in this village. She was abused into becoming a sex addict. Does she like sex? No, she fucking hates it. But in her screwed up mind being used proves she is worth something.

Still think these arseholes are cute and cuddly and deserve their own nuclear reactor?

You are probably wondering why I am writing this down, or at least speaking it out loud. It is because I am pissed off and I learned that I got an STD, and that having sex with me is like having your teeth pulled out.

Fuck. Fuck. Shit.

I gave everyone here a penicillin bracelet. There will be no half measures. I am going to fucking nuke the shit out of this thing till it is gone.

For all of you who don’t know, penicillin bracelets monitor a person’s blood and detect if there is something nasty inside it. They usually contain twelve shots of high-quality medication that is dispersed into the body over a period of time.

The bracelets are designed so that viruses don’t build up a tolerance and that the body doesn’t build up a resistance to the selected drug. It’s basically a time bomb for viruses.

Already I feel better.

You have probably been thinking “Wait, Jason. I have been reading your journal for the past month, and Ksenia sounds completely sane for someone with such a problem. And Sex addict? What can be bad about that?”

Sex is a fun recreational tool except when the current chief and his son are not tag teaming Ksenia and are using her to get dirt on me.

How did I find out about Ksenia? I had put up security cameras and audio equipment in this place to make sure no one was sneaking in and steeling shit.

Under my own roof the fucking arseholes of the village came here and blackmailed Ksenia in the middle of gang-banging her. If she didn’t get the recyclor and silver (aluminium) I made, the next time they would make Beenia watch.

Ksenia didn’t put up a fight. This has been going on for a long, long time.

This is what Neeti has been trying to warn me about.

Oh, I brought Neeti in on this. She knew. The whole village knew that Ksenia was here to shake her woolly bum at me and steal my stuff.

If this was high school I would just cry in a corner. I would also probably sleep with Ksenia more as the gravy train looks as though it is leaving. But I can’t.

The Company is very strict on this. I need to get out of here. I need to get all my stuff and leave right now.

I want to scream. I asked Neeti why she didn’t warn me?

You remember that day way back when I saved Neeti and she wanted to live with me? That part where I said she and Ksenia had a bit of a talk? Ksenia threatened her.

Apparently, Neeti had dealings with the village before. Let’s just say that her husband and the previous chief were friends and liked to share. It was either fuck me or she and the farmer’s other wife would get passed around the campfire.

I had also just killed her husband, so she wanted to get back at me.

How stupid am I? I have a fucking medical degree for Christ’s sake and I get fooled by a goat.

Neeti waited for me to strike her. I was tempted, but I didn’t. She’s in this mess because of me. Beenie is in this mess because of me.

I am not ashamed that I thought about burning this shithole down and walking away. The only reason I don’t is because I have put far too much energy into making this place and Beenie is still inside.

It has almost been a month here. I still can’t get in touch with the Company, but it shouldn’t take me too long to drive all the way to that village where the agent studying the Ligno is based. From there, I should be able to get back in my nice happy, boring cubical.

I think I should just pack up the recyclor. I need to call back Laurel and Hardy back.

Um. I’ll just tell everyone that the droids need maintenance. If I hurry I should be out of here in a few hours.