Day 237

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Yesterday I came to the conclusion that we needed more things.

It is time to go to the larger Ligno settlements and get some metal and check out their other goods. I also want to talk to the healer over there and learn about the herbs my predecessor has locked up.

I leave Hardy at the healer’s hut to watch my stuff. Ksenia and Beenie stay at the blacksmith’s place while Neeti is on shit duty. I.E making sure the other satyrs don’t shoot me for looking like a human.

She keeps giving me this look like I am constantly farting. It has become her neutral expression.

The other 13 Lignos have hooked up a cart to the car’s tow-bar like a trailer. So much like a trailer that I had Laurel remove the first two wheels and use them as spares.

The town’s folk did not give me much, I guess they planned on keeping whatever they managed to loot from their dead neighbours.

They are not giving me any of their food, I asked about this. The village easily had enough food to last through winter and beyond, so I was curious as to why they would horde when there was money to be made. The answer didn’t shock me at all.

They didn’t want to sell the food and they didn’t want the other villages knowing they had more than they could ever hope to eat.

It made sense. It was best to play the hungry village, rather than get attacked and have your stuff stolen.

I loaded the car and the cart with wood that the droids had processed. Being a carpenter first and a chief second, Ronaldo wanted to confiscate it, I asked him where his money was.

The free ride was over.

It being winter there wasn’t much to sell. The village barely survived. Their exports were their wool and food, none which they were ready to relinquish.

I also put on a box of soap but nobody believed it would be a huge item, with Neeti’s help we could get in touch with some washerwomen.

The whole process of putting the wood on the trailer took little more than an hour.

Laurel is on the trailer, I want him out there in case it tips or breaks. I gave him a knife and a stack of wooden pieces. Working with the soaps I got some plant extract, some pretty pure stuff. As well as some dyes.

We take the whole thing slowly I do not want an accident.