Day ???

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My name is Neeti. Doctor Gulway is very sick. He asked me to say my name and tell this thing my story.

My family was poor. Too many daughters and not enough food. My mother gave me to Cadeem for bread. Cadeem was not nice nor was his brothers.

Once, when I was young, I I tried to run away. Cadeem’s brothers caught me and hurt me.

The healer gave me medicine to make me barren. I would not give my husband a chance to ruin my child’s life.

This winter plague came. Cadeem’s brothers ran but Cadeem did not. I begged him to but there came nothing of it.

There were deaths and I feared for my life.

One time Cadeem came back from village and got sick. I thought the Gods heard my pleas, that I would be free. I thought about running but I could not trust that Cadeem’s brothers would not find me and hurt me again.

Then the Gods sent me you.

Shh. Save your strength. Drink.

I did not hear about what happened until later. The village wass nearly gone. Now I wish Jason came too late. Jason and his people banished the plauge, but the damage was done.

Cadeem and Souta became sick. I begged the Gods for my husband’s death. Souta.

You know Souta, she was my husbands second wife. Souta is good girl, she… She… needed me. Do you think that she is healthy?

When I first met, the strangers. Your people. Dale, I think his name is. Humans are said to be ugly, hideous demons. Bandits and liars. Unclean monsters who follow dark gods.

Dale did not have wool as Ligno had, just a mess of blond hair. I have never seen a creature so beautiful in my life.

Don’t be like that. I thought you had come to raid my farm.

I remembered being terrified of Dale at first and held a pitchfork at him.

A Ligno would have wrestled me to the ground like Cadeem and his brothers would. Dale gave me breed and milk. He talked to me, he gave me a warm blanket.

I suppose I was a little. I wanted to run.

I knew Dale was rich. His clothes were made of the finest material. He was so clean and tall and brave. He did not shy away from the plague.

He cured Cadeem and Souta of the illness and gave us all medicine. I feed on roasted chicken while my husband and Souta got stronger.

And like a hero from a poem, Dale and the others flew away to save another village, but you stayed.

You stayed to tend to the sick. I will confess when I met you I… You were like the humans I dreaded. I wanted you to not come back. But you kept coming back with food and you gave me Hardy to help me.

You are a good man, but you are also blind.

Cadeem was never grateful for anything. He was jealous of everyone for such petty things. You saved his life and he hated you.

Ronaldo and Ksenia didn’t hate you.

No. Beenie didn’t.

When you killed my husband in front of me. I did not understand it. I had dreamed for years about killing Cadeem and you killed him for no other reason than he hurt me.

I thought I would be happy, but the truth was, I felt nothing. I thought I would feel something.

You didn’t know but Ronaldo and his sons knew. That weak bitch Ksenia had told him for the chance to be his first wife.

They planned to blackmail you, but you were packing up your belongings. You were running.

They thought you killed Cadeem because you wanted me and Souta. Ronaldo said he can get Souta a new husband. I know her betrothed. He was Souta’s friend.

They said I could own the farm. I could have my own house if I lay and stole from you. I am sorry. I am so sorry.

I told Ksenia that you knew about their plan. They took the village and they hurt you. They said they wouldn’t hurt you but Ronaldo lied. He lied to Ksenia.

I remembered how you moved the car. I remembered where you put your keys. I am sorry I rammed the car into the clinic.

They chained up Laurel. I got Hardy to help you into the car and we went. They have the magic box you used to make silver.

That’s good.

Just kiss me.