from Lilith.

The creatures had been called by many things in the old kingdom. Lilith, sirens, banshee, all them thought to be mythological; stories that had been twisted and romanticised till barely a grain of truth existed.

Scholars believed these creatures were the same beast but difficult to prove as lilith had been destroyed millennia ago due to their habit of murdering innocent people and eating them. If there were any records that could spread light upon the species it was kept a close secret by the royal families.

So it was a shock to everyone when it was discovered, though, no one could understand how, The Order of The Holy Dove had bread the extinct species back from legend with the intent to use them as expendable shock troops.

These were the tainted, the corrupted, a blight that needed to be uprooted and purged before it could somehow escape and infect the world outside. A fact that the fourteen year old boy was not arguing with as he ran down the streets like the devil himself was the truancy officer.

Using his game handle of Yoz, the young boy had been a top notch programmer and had his real name listed in the credits for a number of game titles, or that had been before things got strange. Well… stranger.

Now Yoz found that he was in a pocket universe trying to kill mutant race of naked banshees without dying.

Was he getting paid for his participation? Was he going to get a wagon load full of gold ingots?

No, of course not. This was the just the annual employee evaluation exam.

Yep. Just another day at the office.” Yoz said through his world war two gas mask, the same style of mask his avatar used in the digital game’s world.

He kept running, each step forcing him to curse about his dislike about the physical exercise he was participating. Yoz was a gamer, several months ago the closest thing he came to physical stress was picking up a corn chip, now he was expected to preform back flips and out run crazy ass monsters.

By fear or most likely stupidity, the young game programmer turned his head back to see the shadows of a dozen lilith about a block away from eating his face off.

For a moment he had thought that somebody had uploaded a rock and roll drum solo to to his ear piece to add some tension to this already havoc experience, or did until Yoz realised that what he was hearing was the sound of his own heart trying to break free of his chest.

Trying not to slow down the boy spun and ran down one of the thin alleyways, at this point he wasn’t thinking about this as a tactful advantage like causing the lilith to run through a bottleneck, his only thoughts were about running for his continued survival.

A dead end is coming up.” Crash said through Yoz’s ear piece.

Shit.” The boy replied not ready for what was to come.

Again he did the dumbass thing and turned around, which proved a mistake as this split second lack of foresight caused Yoz to slip and fall on his chest, this had the sucky result of ripping the air from his lungs.

Move.” Crash ordered, but it was useless.

Winded and on his back the teenager had a front row seat as the first of the lilith rounded the same corner he just did.

Even in the darkened and narrow alleyway there was enough light for Yoz to see the lilith’s swollen belly and count the many scars that covered it.

From an autopsy another gamer in the field had done it was known that the lilith were not actually pregnant, their stomachs were filled with enough tumours and cartilage that it created something on par with a biological armour.

Though this defensive strategy would have been better applied to the chest area this meant that it was incredibly difficult to disembowel a lilith.

The boy watched in hopelessness as the lilith was able to squeeze its bulk through the tight passage way, it claws scared the brick walls as it drew itself closer and closer to its horrified supper.

Run. Run. Run you stupid fucking nube.’ The boy screamed in his head.

The lilith didn’t bother screaming, she knew that she was mere feet away was from a terrified child. Drool cascaded down her chin as she smelt the terror that filled Yoz’s heart, all she needed to do was inch her way closer and…

The teenager watched as the monster raised its claw but for some reason his eyes were firmly locked onto the lilith’s sagging breasts.

Like boogers from a toddler’s nose he watched them sway back and fro, his mind entranced by the yellow ichor which leaked from the creature’s black disgusting nipple.

A new very repulsive fear wormed it way into his still maturing mind, were these going to be the first and last pair of breasts he would ever see in his life?

Was this the hight of his life? Were these the promised boobies those 70’s and 80’s teen movies told him he would encounter during puberty? Was being eaten alive by this cancer ridden bitch going to be the closest thing he came to getting to second base?

Hell no.‘ Yoz’s said to himself and in an act of defiance against the idea this was to be his death gave the withered monster the finger. “Suck it bitch.”

His mind relativity calmed Yox pointed his wrist to a spot along a far away wall and made a second hand gesture.

The hand gesture made, a cable made of nano thread shot out of the boy’s wrists and buried itself into the wall a fare distance away.

As the lilith lowered its claw to gather up its prey, the mechanism that launched the cable retracted.

The sensation Yoz felt next was similar of introducing a cheese grater to his back, “Ow, ow, ow.” he whined as he was dragged foot by foot across the pavement, the damage dampened by the custom made flak jacket he had been wise enough to incorporate into his costume.

Lifted up to his feet by the mechanism in his wrist band, Yox managed to get onto his feet and gave another hand signal that brought the thread back into his wrist mounted device.

Angered by her food escaping at the last second the lilith let out a wail, behind her more of her kind were starting to round the corner.

His back against Yoz turned around to see that there were now five of the gruesome mutants gathering within the alleyway, each one nearly foaming at the mouth with ideas of ripping him apart.

With no escape and little chance to fight his way through the lilith that were now getting ready to lynch the teenager sized snack box Yoz took this chance to get a snap shot of the naked and deformed creatures who had once been human women.

Downloaded from

Downloaded from Yoz.

The lilith were trying to use pure force to pull themselves closer to his position, some of their number were crawling over one another to be the first to devour him

Closer they came, with what looked like more of their twisted coven already entering the alleyway.

Yoz could only wait and watch.

With trembling fingers he rubbed his wrist band, his adolescent mind trying to discover some comfort.

The leading monster stepped forward, her hand out stretched, her yellow pus coated eyes displaying only madness.

They were close enough.

Yox pointed his hand to the stone chimney above and made the gesture.

There was a snake-like his as the pressurised gas inside the wrist mounted mechanism shot out the the near invisible thread towards the heavens.

After what felt like years, Yox felt that his aim had been true and that the end had caught something solid, “Peace out, bitches.” he called as he was violently pulled up.

As the cable retracted and Yoz began his accent up the wall he noticed something that made him gasp in mocked pain, “Aw, Jesus Christ.”

Like an pregnant zombie gymnast one of the lilith had used her sisters as a spring board to catapult herself up several feet into the air, but instead of coming back down she had this brilliant idea to push out her arms and legs so she used both walls to keep herself up.

Again the lilith showed both strength and single minded determination as the freak began to bury her claws into the mortar and climb upwards.

The math was in Yoz’s favour, even if the lilith could scale the wall at her current speed the teenager would reach the top before she did, just as long as she didn’t come up with any more tricks.

Though, the lilith did not have the same amount of schooling as Yoz she also had done the math and in desperation she engulfed an inhuman amount of air.

Crap.” Yoz said as he was bombarded with an intense sonic attack.

The walls cracked and the bricks fell from the world above.

Yoz’s ear piece did its best to make the lilith’s scream void, but it was overwhelmed and the teenager could feel his back teeth jiggle in his mouth as the power of a sonic boom backhanded him.

Darkness flooded Yoz’s vision, this wasn’t fun any more.

Wake up, Yoz. Shoot her.” Crash’s voice was faint but it caused Yoz to open just one eye.

He must have lost concious for a few minutes as not only had he reached end of his cable but the lilith was only five feet from his shoes. “What?” Yoz groaned still groggy from having whatever chance he had gone.

The lilith opened its mouth again displaying a slim collection of rotted teeth and bloody gums, it was not going to allow its prey to escape like her stupid sister had. She would feast on the small intruder that had the nerve to throw those fire crackers into her nest.

The sound of thunder echoed from the heavens other teams were out there, possibly even other survivors turning the streets into open war.

One gunshot sounded alarmingly close.

Having shaken his head as to get rid of the cobwebs the teenager gazed down to see that the lilith that was still grasping the wall, her fingers buried in the brick mortar, her body locked in place like a action figure that had recently got its head bitten off from the family dog.

Yeah. Head shot.” Came a woman’s voice through the communication channel but it did not belong to Crash.

Maiko?” Yoz asked.

That’s Nature Killer, Yoz.” The Brazilian-Japanese sniper said ejecting her spent round and reading her next shot.

Through the system Crash had attempted to gather lone wolves like Yoz and Nature Killer to stay close and aid one another should things become unpredictable.

Marry me.” Yoz said only half being serious, for a second there he almost thought he was going to die.

I don’t do well at weddings, hurry up.”

Yoz wasn’t about to argue with somebody nursing that kind of fire power, using what strength and brain power he had left the teenager withdrew a metal sphere from his bandoleer.

Through his mask Yoz gazed at his little toy he had made only hours ago, the device was seven kinds of illegal but damn it, it made cleaning up big messes easy.

With a silent pray on his lips the hanging teenager pushed in cocked the sphere and allowed it to drop to the screaming mass of monsters below.

His limbs burning from exhaustion Yoz used what remained of his strength to climb up to the roof, this time he didn’t dare look back until he was safely out of reach of the monsters below.

In the alleyway ominous mist slowly rose, the condensed walls forcing the alien gas to elevate above the streets.

At her sniper’s nest Nature Killer shook her head. Poison was all but useless against the lilith, their bodies were already counted as toxic and so far nothing cost effective proved to slow them down, the boy had just wasted all his effort and his smoke grenade for nothing.

Nice going, dipshit. I can’t get a clear shot.” Nature Killer said.

Rich screams cut through the night air as the mist licked across the bone white skin of the lilith.

Breathing heavily through his mask, Yoz gazed over the edge of the building. Down where screams of pain echoed outward through the night.

To Nature Killer she was looking at through her scope reminded her of a cooking pot bubbling over. No longer did she think this was poison, as wisps of ominous fog had finally gotten high enough to stroke the headless lilith that was still clinging to the wall.

She and Yoz watched as the lilith’s ivory skin melted off to reveal bubbling red meat, her tissue dissolving as stray breaths of gaseous acid licked across the mutant’s naked flesh.

Blood hissed as it rained down, the acid almost igniting it.

As her mind tried to understand what she was looking at Nature Killer’s brain automatically triggered a count.

Five seconds and the skin had completely melted away. Ten seconds the lilith’s thigh turned to bubbling slag. Thirty seconds bone was displayed. Forty seconds and the lilith’s legs fell to the ground where there were no more screams.

Soon the fog was gone and relativity clean air was allowed a foot hold.

The acid had eaten away almost everything; what remained of the lilith were a dozen or so skeletons spread out.

Some of the lilith had attempting to make a run for it, others had tried to climb or scratch through the walls, now there was nothing left for the flies.

The alleyway itself had gone under a facelift, the decades of grime had dissolved to reveal crisp brick that looked as if it had just been laid, any discarded pieces of trash were either gone or given one hell of a polish.

As for the lilith that had gotten close to taking a bite out of Yoz she had fallen to the ground, for centuries to come the lilith’s bone fingers would stay wedged in that alleyway, a grim reminder of what the world had become.

We’ve got a nest waking up four clicks from position. Yoz. You got another one in you?” Crashed asked through the coms channel.

Yoz tapped what remained of his acid gas bombs, “Yeah.” he said and clumsily got onto his feet.

Around the teenager the wails of monsters were feeding the fallen city.